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Here at CBD Choice, we believe that the benefits of CBD shouldn’t just extend to humans! That’s why we carry a large inventory of CBD pet products, so all of our furry friends can improve their overall wellbeing as well.

Today, we examine some of our favorite CBD goodies for our canine companions. All mammals, including humans and dogs, possess an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is where the CBD magic happens, allowing your body to absorb all the wonderful supplemental nourishment associated with CBD.

Because our doggy friends also have an ECS, they can experience the wonderful advantages of natural CBD. Pet owners report giving their pups CBD for a variety of reasons, but some of the most popular include:

• Separation anxiety
• Stress from loud noises
• Joint or muscle pain
• Mobility Issues
• Problems from aging
• Overall
• Wellbeing

Whatever your reason, it’s important that you find the right products for your pets. In today’s video, we’ve examined three of our most popular CBD pet products to give you a closer look at the benefits of each.

The first product is CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Oil. CBD oils are great for pets because they provide the strongest CBD relief. You can administer CBD oils to your canines by simply dropping some beneath their tongue. If your pets put up a fuss, however, you can always mix it in with their food or drinking water.

Next, we have Core CBD Full Spectrum No-Rinse CBD Conditioner, a CBD topical for your pets. This no-rinse conditioner can be applied directly to your dog’s coat. It’s been observed that CBD topicals can improve skin and coat health in our dogs. CBD topicals are meant for external use, and this conditioner is great for those looking for an easy way to administer CBD to their animals.

Lastly, we have the pet-favorite PureKana Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Hemp Dog Treats, perfect for any dog who loves their treats! These snacks contain 1.25mg of CBD per treat for smaller pups and 2.5mg of CBD per treat for larger dogs, meaning your pets can have as many as they’d like, within reason! CBD treats are by far the easiest way to administer CBD to your animals, and these treats are artisanally-made, flavorful, and pet approved. Give your dog a treat or two daily, or include them in their daily dietary routine.


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CBDistillery Pet CBD Oil: https://cbdchoice.com/product/cbdistillery-pet-cbd-oil/

Pure Kana: Coming Soon to Website

Core CBD No-Rinse Pet Conditioner

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